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ray ban sunglasses outlet sale 956 mechanical movement will Is adhering to the essence of the movement 815. Rampant countless people's alarm function In fact, the alarm function of the watch comes from the watch's precision movement and extraordinary design, and this feature was invented in the 1950s. , The human to regain power in the post-war, re-start to conquer the world, simply pre-selected appointments, activities or get up time, the watch will be in accordance with the 'memory' In today's hands of a machine in the 3C era, in the watch of the mechanical time to wake up or remember a date, is not a special experience? And is this 'old voice', so many connoisseurs fascinated. This watch is easy to use, the crown in a normal position for the alarm function on the chain. Its activities on the disc with Memovox alarm table representative of the small triangle instructions, simply pull the crown to position two, and then to counter-clockwise rotation, you can move the activities of the disc to set the alarm time discount ray ban sunglasses

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ray ban outlet Rotate clockwise to adjust the date display in the 3 o'clock position window. Below the crown for the movement of the chain and adjust the time. The Jaeger-LeCoultre watch's blue dial is a feature of its long-lasting retro design. This special anniversary version of the Memovox alarm watch design is based on the 1971 Memovox Snowdrop alarm watch. It uses a quiet and peaceful dial blue, infinite charm. And blue is Memovox alarm watch features, no matter what the era are popular. The limited-edition watch retains the dial features of the Memovox Snowdrop alarm watch, including the Barton-type pointer covering the firefly material, indicating the time on the white 'rail' minute scale ring. This minute tick defines the line for the dial. The inner dial decorated with blue solar radiation ornaments, which features a watch on the alarm function of small triangular indications, the instructions can be shining in the dark. In the blue opal-like outer surface, covered with fluorescent material of the three faceted time ray ban sunglasses outlet store

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cheap ray ban sunglasses outlet scale with blue 'rail' type minute scale ring, showing the characteristics of the prototype watch. Jaeger-LeCoultre In addition, its matte steel case design is extremely stylish, elegant and extraordinary. Table back the whole carved decoration, and engraved with a limited edition of 500 words. Central '1000 Hours Control' mark to ensure that the watch has been through the 1000 hours of rigorous operation and precision testing. This watch with a black calfskin strap, decorated with elegant light blue stitching. Calfskin lining to ensure that the strap is soft, comfortable to wear. This unique Master Memovox series of limited edition watch master is full of charm, presumably will make all the watch table lovers full of great expectations, is bound to another workshop for the plot of the legendary. Jaeger-LeCoultre alarm table can be said to be the alarm industry superstar technical data Model: Q141848J Caliber 956 self-winding mechanical movement, manual production, assembly and decoration Vibration frequency ray ban sunglasses factory outlet